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About Apoqnmatulti'k

A collaborative partnership that pairs Mi’kmaw, local and western scientific knowledge systems to better understand valued aquatic species in the Pekwitapa’qek (Bay of Fundy) and Pitu’pa’q (Bras d’Or Lake).

Apoqnmatulti’k, Mi’kmaw: “we help each other” is a three-year collaborative study that paired Mi’kmaw and local knowledge with western science to gain a collective understanding about the movements and habitat use of American eel/katew, American lobster/jakej, and Atlantic tomcod/ punamu in Mi’kma’ki.

Knowledge gathered through this project will be shared with communities, managers, and decision-makers to support better stewardship of these culturally, ecologically, and commercially significant species in this region. Information gained through this research will be shared by community members to inform historical and observed changes in species distribution and their habitat use that can be used to help fill knowledge gaps needed to advise on future management approaches and concerns.

Apoqnmatulti’k is guided by and responds to community priorities. Through learning and exchanging knowledge together, Apoqnmatulti’k aims to generate new and valuable information on these species.

Apoqnmatulti’k logo conceptualized by Gerald Gloade and Loretta Gould, and painted by Loretta Gould.

Curious about Apoqnmatulti'k?

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