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Our Work

Our lab works at the intersection of public and private policies related to fish and seafood production and consumption in order to contribute to more equitable seafood governance regimes. We are motivated by notions of equity and fairness, and believe that the way humans use the ocean, and the resources within, should be governed in ways that ensure both ecological resilience and social wellbeing.

Collaborators & Funders

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We regularly publish across a variety of academic journals, media outlets, and more.

Current Projects

Aerial Image of an island

Ocean Nexus Center

Ocean Nexus aims to address systemic ocean equity issues through coordinated research, training, communicating and collaborating, informed by social science and natural science.

Image of a rocky seabed


Nunatsiavut is a land claim area in Inuit Nunangat, the homeland of Labrador Inuit.

Underwater Creatures

Endangered North Atlantic Right Whale Project

The primary causes of North Atlantic Right Whale mortality are fishing gear entanglements and vessel strikes, posing challenges to the species’ recovery.


Equitable Tuna Governance

Tropical tuna species (skipjack, yellowfin, and bigeye) are transboundary fish species, meaning that they cross through several coastal state jurisdictions and the high seas. 

Reckoning With Colonialism

More information coming soon!

Image of an Arctic Char

Arctic Char

iKaluk: An Overview of Arctic char Fishery in Nunatsiavut to Support Inuit Food Security 

Past Projects



Apoqnmatulti’k, Mi’kmaw: “we help each other” is a three-year collaborative study that paired Mi’kmaw and local knowledge with western science

Image of a harbour with fishing boats flying the Mi'kmaq flag.


Mi’kmaq have inherent and treaty rights, including the right to procure ‘necessaries’ through fishing, hunting, gathering.

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